Ever notice what the word GOal begins with?

As I sit on the veranda of the guest house where we are staying here in Kigali, Rwanda, I am pondering what brought us here.  Some years ago we started sponsoring a boy named Dieudone.  For a small amount each month we help Dieudone go to school, have a meal each day, and receive healthcare.  Our two boys, Darren and Graham, enjoyed writing to their new brother in Africa. I was intrigued when asked if we wanted to come to Rwanda to meet Dieudone and witness the difference that sponsoring him made on his life.

Suzy pondering on the veranda overlooking the city of Kigali.

Suzy pondering on the veranda overlooking the city of Kigali. Photo Credit: Darren West


This was a big question.  Go to Rwanda…in Africa, half way around the world?  I thought about this and discussed it at length with my very patient and supportive husband, Jeff.  He listened and listened some more and when I finally finished talking, pretty much removing all the oxygen from the room with all my babbling, he said “Go, why not?”  Those three words from my wise husband shifted my thinking…yes, of course we should go, why not.

So here we are on our second trip to Rwanda awaiting the arrival of our team that we are leading all because we set that GOal to GO.  It has taken over a year of planning, shifting, changing, and adjusting to make this journey.  We are excited – we are finally here!

We will advocate for the children here, we will show them people care about them, we will be changed forever for opening our hearts to the joyful people of Rwanda.

Set a goal and GO!

Darren at his Rwandan office preparing his video editing.

Darren at his Rwandan “office” preparing his video editing.

– Suzy


3 thoughts on “Ever notice what the word GOal begins with?

  1. Thank you for this blog! I’m so excited to follow you and Darren’s journey and want you to know I’m praying for you. Much love to you both!

  2. I look forward again to your blog and hearing about your experiences and thoughts. Yours, Roberta Fiske-Rusciano

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