Team Lead with Love heading to Rwanda

We are so excited to be heading back to Rwanda, Africa, one week from today.  This time Darren and I are co-leading a fabulous team that we feel so fortunate to be taking this journey with.  My oldest friend since kindergarten, Eileen Conlon, will be spreading her love to all the children.  Diane Stern, with her two boys, Austin and Oliver, will have the experience of meeting the two boys they sponsor and connecting with them.

Dream BoysWe have lots of plans! We will be throwinga party for the street kids with the generous support of friends and family who have provided all the party supplies we need to make this a wonderful and memorable time for these kids.  Darren has championed our campaign to raise funds for school supplies and we will have the opportunity to deliver them to a school in need.

Our team will update the blog as much as we can so you can all follow our journey.  We will be posting the blog to Facebook, but if you want to be sure not to miss a single post make sure to “Follow” our blog by entering your email address.


– Suzy


Darren featured in the Africa New Life July Newsletter

Message from Darren – who is quite a character!

Hello! If you can not read, do NOT proceed. Once again if you can’t read do NOT proceed. But clearly you can read since you have made it this far. Anyway, enough about you, now let’s talk about me, my favorite topic! I am 12 and going to Rwanda, Africa, again. I went in 2013 (read previous blog) and had the best time. Now I am going again! My mom and I set up a website to raise funds for school supplies so we could help as many kids as possible. In the end we raised $3,655! This time I am the co-leader with my mom for our team Lead with Love. I am going with my friends Oliver and Austin. Which by the way every one in our awesome group, my Mom, Oliver, Austin, Diane, Eileen, and I, are going to contribute to the blog. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, If you are not already, please follow this blog. It doesn’t take much, just enter your email address and the website will send you emails whenever anybody posts anything. Well that is it. Congrats, you are a good reader! You should feel proud. Now sit back and enjoy this video of the celebration for Hope, the cow.

– Darren


One thought on “Team Lead with Love heading to Rwanda

  1. Hi Team Lead With Love, It so great to hear how you bring about the best life. It makes one happy all the way up here close to the North Pole . Be proud of what you are doing! Sending you a bunch of good luck to your expedition and the planned activities. Remember as Gandhi so elegantly said: – “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” This goes for your initiaitve as well.

    Take Care & Enjoy Life 🙂

    Warm thoughts and sincerity,

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