Rwanda: Sunday (post by Eileen)

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Post by Eileen:

Sitting here with my morning coffee mentally preparing myself for 2 hours of church (no joke), and thinking that somewhere my mom is laughing hysterically at me for all of the years I huffed and puffed about a 1 hour mass.  While not a believer myself, I can fully appreciate how a country that has seen such mind-numbing atrocities would need to find solace in something larger than the human kind that they know.

Eileen with Dream Boys

Eileen with Dream Boys


Visiting the Genocide Memorial Museum in Kigali on Friday didn’t necessarily teach me anything I wasn’t already aware of but it put a face (and I mean actual pictures of bodies) to the 1 million women, children and men that were slaughtered in those unimaginable one hundred days. The open mass grave, loosely covered with a blue tarp, waiting for bodies to be uncovered 21 years later is a reminder of just how raw the pain is for this country and its’ people.

Think about 1994.

I was 14 in small, remote Indian Mills and unaware of anything outside of my inner circle of friends, field hockey practice, and summers at the beach.  Across the world, in a country the size of Maryland, children half my age, many the only survivors of their families, hid in the hills waiting for an end to a nightmare that did not seem to come.  Those children who are now parents of their own, some our guides and teachers, are proof that a belief in something bigger than yourself can save you.  Whether it be love, faith, family or inner-strength.  So today, regardless of my own beliefs, I will dance and sing and celebrate right alongside these amazing individuals who have so openly welcomed us into their future.

Diane with Dream Boys

Diane with Dream Boys

Buffet lunch with the whole team including our driver (John) and guide (Jonas).  Visiting the hotel where the movie "Hotel Rwanda" took place.

Buffet lunch with the whole team including our driver (John) and guide (Jonas). Visiting the hotel where the movie “Hotel Rwanda” took place.



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