Darren Delivers Hope

Today was a very big day for Darren. Through the generous contributions from friends and family towards his fundraising efforts, he not only raised money for food and goats – he raised enough money to buy two cows for a school! This is huge for the school children; the milk from the cow provides much needed nutrition for many years to come.

Hope, the cow, walks off the truck to her new home.

Hope, the cow, walks off the truck to her new home.

Darren was involved in the whole process of purchasing the cow. On the day of the purchase he was asked if he would prefer to purchase two young cows or a pregnant cow. He found out that the pregnant cow would be a huge help to the school so that is what he chose. He rode in the truck with the cow and helped unload her from the truck. They asked him what the mama cow should be named and after some thought he said her name should be HOPE. He discussed with our other team members what the calf should be named and we all decided on Faith.

Children's African Dance Team performs for Darren.

Children’s African Dance Team performs.

The school had a celebration in honor of Darren for his gift. We were greeted at the school by the children’s African dance team and choir. They danced with us into the meeting hall and sat us in the center of the room. The performance was moving and beautiful – traditional Rwandan songs and dance. The principal of the school introduced Darren and brought him up on stage – Darren was overwhelmed by the outpouring of thanks he received. They even had a cake made that said “Cow Gift From Darren”.

Cutting the cake with the students.

Cutting the cake with the students.

Drummers and singers.

Drummers and singers.

I had the opportunity to be on stage with Darren and address the school. I expressed the honor it was to be visiting their school and how it brought Darren and I great joy to bring HOPE to their school.

Me, Darren, and the principal

Me, Darren, and the principal


4 thoughts on “Darren Delivers Hope

  1. We are so proud of both of you – for caring enough to support this project; for taking the journey to Rwanda; for raising enough money to really make a difference.

    Can’t wait to hear all about it when you come back – you are coming back, right?!?

  2. I am truly enjoying reading your blog. What an amazing adventure!! Hope….brought tears to my eyes. We all need more hope and faith in our lives! Safe journeys my friends!

  3. I have enjoyed reading the blog so far. It sounds like this have been an amazing experience. have a safe trip back!

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