First Days in Rwanda

Dieudone asleep on my shoulder!

Dieudone asleep on my shoulder!

We have had an amazing experience in just the first two days! Our sponsor son, Dieudone, came all the way from his village to join us at church and for lunch on Sunday. This was the first time he had been to the city, Kigali; the first time eating at a restaurant; even his first time riding in a vehicle… he was stunned.  As I had thought, I was overwhelmed meeting him for the first time.  I kept my arm around him during the church service and after a little while he leaned into me and fell sound asleep.We went to Mille Collins “Hotel Rwanda” hotel for lunch, which is in stark contrast to the poverty all around it. We had lunch on the veranda overlooking the gorgeous pool and lush landscape.

Darren and his bro'

Darren and his bro’

After a delicious lunch we played in the grass with the kids. Dieudone was fascinated by the live band!

Visiting the top school in Rwanda on Monday was where we got to help serve lunch to the kids and visit classrooms. The kids sang songs for us and practiced their English. Darren joined a soccer game the boys were playing during recess – it was an intense game!

Darren serving lunch in Kayonza

Darren serving lunch in Kayonza




3 thoughts on “First Days in Rwanda

  1. I cannot imagine what Dieudone thought of these new experiences. (His name almost spells ‘God-given’ in French). Thanks for the note!

  2. It’s incredible to see you both there! Sounds like gifts are already being passed in all directions. 🙂

  3. What a joy to see your pictures! A true celebration og life in all its beauty and a great contrast to the times acts of of “Hotel Rwanda” – 1994. Wish the best for your continued cultural journey into Rwanda here from cold Thule. Take care.

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