First, but not Last!


Graham, holding up the world

Yo!  I’m D.C. Dubz (Darren) and I guess I need to write on this blog, so, uh, here I go…

My name is Darren West and I am almost 10 years of age.  I have been dying to go on this trip for many months now and I feel like the luckiest kid in the world.  I feel like that because I get to go on this trip to Rwanda, Africa, with my mom.


Dieudone Iraguha, my Rwandan brother


I am super excited to meet my ‘bro’ Dieudone.  I get to go to his house and see how he lives in his town, Bugesera.  I’m going to play soccer with him because it’s his favorite hobby.  I have a backpack for him that is the same as mine with a ‘D’ on the front.

While we are there we’ll get to deliver baskets of food to families who need it and maybe even bring a family a goat… how cool is that?!  If you would like to give some moola (money) so I can bring more food and goats shoot me an email, that would be epic!

While playing with K’Nex one day I realized there wasn’t any English on the directions, soooo I thought that it would be a great project do with the Dream Boys.  The Dream Boys are a group of boys in Rwanda that live on the streets and really want to be loved.  They come to the Dream Center for meals.  I sent our team leader a video of me making the K’Nex kits with my little ‘bro’ Graham to show her I had some skill in making them and asked if I could do a building project with the Dream Boys while I was there and she said yes!  So I used money that I earned from mowing my Grandpa’s lawn and bought 60 K’Nex kits to bring with me!  I think that will be really fun!

I am psyched to go on a full-day African safari.  I wonder if there will be any elephants, hmmmm…oh sorry, daydreaming!   Okay where was I?  Oh right, the African safari should be fun, I hope to see gorillas.

I am most worried about the genocide memorial that we are going to go to.  I watched two movies on it and I felt like I was melting.  It was so depressing.  Ok I don’t want to talk anymore about that so let’s move on.

I don’t know if my mom is going to talk about this but I will tell you anyway.  First we have to go to Newark to get on our plane.  We will then land in Brussels in Europe.  Then our next flight is straight to Kigali, Rwanda.  On the way back we go from Kigali to Nairobi, Kenya, and then onto to Brussels.  Once in Brussels we get on yet another plane to Newark.

Well, that was my first shot on this blog.  I talked about me, my favorite parts, my less favorite parts, and the travel.  I hope you liked it… so bye!


7 thoughts on “First, but not Last!

  1. Darren, I am very excited that you are getting this fantastic opportunity to spread some hugs! I am also happy to hear of your enthusiasm in participating in this wonderful experience! Your parents are extremely lucky to have such a tender hearted boy! Make lots of memories and I look forward to having you share them with all of us! Safe travels!! 😉

    • Mrs.Kristen, Thank you!I do like enthusiasm.I never heard a person call me a ”tender hearted boy”!
      D.C.Dubz 10-4

  2. Hi Darren,
    I work with your mother at Thule. Just wanted to thank for sharing your expectations and preparations with us up here near the North Pole I wish you all the best on this great adventure. Surely you will get an unforgettable trip giving understanding and insight in human nature. I liked you planned and prepared some activities yourself. Be proud of that!

    Take care!

    With Regards from Greenland,

  3. Wow!!! Darren. I had no idea. This is great and I know you and your mother will enjoy and remember this forever. Enjoy and see you when you get back. Take pictures!

  4. Darren, I am so inspired by you and your mom! I love your caring heart and generous spirit! Thank you for sharing kindess with others! I know this will be a wonderful experience for you and your mom as well as your new “BRO” Can’t wait to hear about your trip and see pictures! Count me in for some moolah. I will be in touch with you and your mom before you leave! I’d like to contribute money toward a goat or food basket!!! WAY TO BE! I am proud to know you.

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