“Where are you going?”

Suzy and Darren

Suzy and Darren

That’s a pretty standard question I get.  Well here it goes… Darren, my soon to be 10-year-old son, and I are going to Rwanda, Africa.

Let me back up and explain how all this came to be.  As parents of two growing boys my husband Jeff and I wanted our boys to understand the larger concept of giving back.  As a family we volunteer in our community and surrounding communities, but we decided we wanted to tie in a global aspect to giving back.  In searching for a way for our family to go about giving back I came across Africa New Life through Love41, an online retailer supporting projects in Rwanda, Africa.

From the Africa New Life website: “Africa New Life exists to break the cycle of poverty in Rwanda by providing education, spiritual insight and basic necessities to poor children and families.”

After doing my due diligence and combing over the organizations financial documents to see how the sponsorship monies are allocated, we decided to sponsor a child.  On a cold, gray, winter day we huddled around the computer screen and welcomed Iraguha Dieudone into our family.  He loves soccer and wants to be a policeman when he grows up and now, because of our sponsorship, he can go to school.  We write letters to Dieudone and he writes letters back to us.  We have a picture of him and under the picture it lists how many brothers and sisters he has; next to brothers it had 0.  As soon as Darren and Graham got a hold of the picture they scribbled out the 0 next to brothers and replaced that with 2.

As time went on we continued to support the work that Love41 promotes and enjoyed our correspondence with Dieudone.  Suzette, the founder of Love41, posed a question to me that has changed the trajectory of our lives; would you come to Rwanda, see the difference your caring support has created, and build a lasting connection with the children who hunger for love?  YES, yes we will!

Our family is a team and as a team we decided that Darren and I would go to Rwanda and Jeff and Graham would stay on the home front.  We depart on Friday, May 31st for our long journey to Rwanda.

The double dimpled duo, Jeff and Graham!

The double dimpled duo, Jeff and Graham!

Our intention for this blog is to be a record of our experience for us to treasure and share with our family and friends.   Enjoy!


6 thoughts on ““Where are you going?”

  1. I could not be more excited for you both! What an amazing experience and what a wonderful way to go about it! I’m looking forward to reading all of your posts and living vicariously through you. Xoxoxo

  2. How absolutely wonderful!!! I am so looking forward to reading this blog as you and Darren go on this amazing journey. I was just thinking of you and of Darren’s birth this morning as I write a letter of recommendation for Nicole Myers. She is applying to nursing school this fall on her path to CNM. I can hardly believe it has been ten years since we attended our first birth together!!! Wishing you and your family all the best.

  3. What an inspiring journey this will be for you both! Thanks for taking the time to share the experience through blogging. The Payne Family will be following along with you. Safe travels, friends!

  4. What a great family you guys are! All of our children need to understand the importance of how fortunate they are and learn the concept of giving back. As a family we will share this marvelous journey through your blog!

  5. Well done, Suzy! I am looking forward to reading your blog as your journey (literal and figurative) continues. I can’t wait to hear about the surprises and gifts that Rwanda opens up to you.

  6. Go Darren and Suzy! You two are a powerful duo, setting an inspiring example for all of us. Wishing you a wonderful adventure in Rwanda! I’ll be reading the blog and cheering you both on.

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